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Roswell Raccoons - Kent Moore

When you win the title by 35+ points - and leave nearly 50 on your bench.......

Somali Pirates - Brent Laconico


East Cobb Demons - Andy Brand

Actually, it took two first quarter full game injuries and one dumbass defensive coordinator (looking at you Saints DC) to down the Demons by less than 4 points.

Roswell Raccoons - Kent Moore

What a night - both semi-final matchups decided by less than five points! Raccoons purposely never have as many good RBs as the Demons had, so we never have the problem of leaving the winning team on the bench!

East Cobb Demons - Andy Brand

At least we know a Lambeau (now National, but forever Lambeau) Division team will represent the SFFL Bowl.

Murderers Row - Jeremy Uracius

I probably would have gotten higher than 111, if only my entire team did't all decide to take a bye week in week 1, lol.

Lynch Valley Assassins - Richard Rosser

Triple digits for the whole season? Not as nice as a championship, but I guess it's an accomplishment.

Coney Island Whitefish - Rick Dunnivan

Up until this year, only five teams ever had scored triple digits all fourteen weeks of the season. The last time was 5 years ago when two teams did it. This year, three teams hit this achievement so congrats to the Demons, Underdogs and Assassins.