Stiffarm Fantasy Football League



2022 Season




In the early beginnings of Autumn 2000, league founder Chuck Bell had a gleam in his eye. He gathered those of us from our Monday night poker game to play this strange new game. He called it fantasy football. This sounded intriguing to us so we readied for the season ahead. We chose team names and downloaded a third party software to track our progress. Most of us had no idea what we were doing and it showed through our ineptness.

We learned PHP/MySQL and created a basic interface to conduct league business which was integrated with third party software.


In 2003, we greatly altered our scoring adopting the system used by the World Championship of Fantasy Football. These guys were a big deal. Suzy Kolber was handing out oversized checks to the overall winners. She was also attracting the attention of one Joe Namath.

Up until this point, we had been called the Blitzkreig Fantasy Football League and we used geocities, with daily uploads, for hosting. We decided to try to find our own domain. After several weeks of scouring available domains for simple football terms, we stumbled upon Thus the name Stiffarm Fantasy Football League was born.


We begin rewriting everything from scratch with all the knowledge we gained from the previous years. This new and improved site would only use stats from the third party software and the rest will be done by us. With only a few weeks left to go before the season starts, Chuck accidentally deletes everything we've written. We are forced onto an outside manager while we rewrite everything all over again.


Tragedy strikes as our league founder passes away unexpectedly. We subsequently rename our trophy the Charles Roger Bell Memorial Trophy in recognition of what he meant to us personally as well as to the league itself.